I know that the editing process can seem overwhelming, but I am here to help! Here is how the process will go should you choose to work with Jordy Liz Edits.
  1. You will submit a request for a quote and I will respond within 48 hours.
  2. Should you choose to accept my quote, I will work up a contract that will be signed by both parties.
  3. In the meantime, I will send you a PayPal invoice for the earnest payment. (1-3 hours: $25; 4+ hours: $50)
  4. Once I receive both the signed contract and the earnest payment, we can begin working! I will need the manuscript from you in Microsoft Word format, as all changes are tracked digitally. (If you prefer handwritten edits, it will be an extra charge and we can discuss this in more detail.) I encourage you to read through your manuscript one last time before sending it over.
  5. Most manuscripts take 5-7 days for the first round of edits. Once edited, I will send you back the edited manuscript.
  6. You will go through the manuscript and make any necessary changes or revisions. Once done, you will send it back to me.
  7. I will do one last round of edits and then send it back to you in what I believe should be the final draft.
  8. This will be the conclusion of my services. Should you need more editing time, you will be charged by the hour.
  9. You will then go on to publish a wonderful, successful book!